Coaching & Mentoring

These are powerful and metamorphic times we are living in, and my offerings reflect what I deeply believe is most needed at these times

Tina Pavlou is an international Master Theta healer, Intuitive, Spiritual teacher and Sacred feminine facilitator….


who specialises in self-mastery and empowering souls to be happy, healthy, alive, and free. She is the founder of The Goddess Rooms and four times No1 bestselling author of When The Goddess Calls series of books. Tina works with multi-millionaires, female entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe empowering and creating miracles with her clients.

Step into greater freedom and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Feel deep peace, trust, gratitude and harmony as your ‘new normal’ emotional state.

Heal and release long-held trauma and watch your reality begin to shift powerfully!

One on one mentoring

For Women and Men

Together, we will make adjustments in your inner world that will help you become magnetic to your greatest potential in the world. When these inner shifts and upgrades are made, you will automatically realign with your true self and this will create a new ‘point of attraction’ for your life, work, finances, relationships and health.