The Priestess CodesTM Oracle Cards


In selecting this powerful deck, you are making yourself open and willing to engage with The Priestess Codes™, the incredible ‘light language’ transmitted through the energy of the mystery schools of the Divine Feminine.

By connecting with and healing your head, heart and womb, trauma is transmuted and dissolved.

The Priestess Codes Oracle Cards is a beautiful tool that uses the specially selected 48 deities, like Saint Martha, White Buffalo Maiden and Lilith, to work with you to release old belief systems and patriarchal imprints that will then allow you to access your truth

When you call upon the Priestess, she will reveal to you her guidance, a specific message for you, for your journey to help bring about the optimum outcome or to help you see more clearly and therefore plan and react to circumstances in your life with great confidence.

Each pack will come with an affirmation card.

Channelled by Tina Pavlou, founder of The Goddess Rooms

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