The Dark Priestess Course

Transformation, Liberation and the Unrestricted

She is the dark Priestess, unleashing her wild woman, unafraid to be a rebel, as her fire burns away.

Chaos, false narratives, deep suffering and despair is what she’s lived through. The energies which are imprinted in humanities DNA and psyche. She is carrying the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that she has inherited through lifetimes, her ancestors and modern day suppression. 

The unseen, unknown shadow work is to be taken only by the brave. Those that are committed and devoted to heal the wounds of all the women that came before them and to change the reality of those that will come after.

Take your power back

We haven’t even begun to reveal what the return of the divine feminine truly means.

The Dark Priestess has called out for 13 women to embark on this initiation, those who are ready for the dominant codes of the High Priestess. 

Apply Now to be initiated. 

Your Guide,

Tina Pavlou

My name is Tina, and I have been connecting with the angels since I was a child, I am clairvoyant – a seer into the spiritual realms, who works with the seven planes of existence and the spiritual laws to heal and help women and men step into their divine power.After experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, I have made it my passion to help as many people as I can. It is impossible to be around me without feeling uplifted by positivity and love, as I vibrate on a frequency of Divine connection and devotion to being in service to the Goddess. My passion is just love.

As a ThetaHealer® master instructor, Angelic Reiki Master and bestselling author of 3 books, it is my honor to be a guide and ally to you on your journey … to ignite your spirit and remind you of the exquisite beauty that is your true nature.