Are you ready to access your intuition frequency of abundance?

You don’t have to do it alone.

Are you struggling to trust yourself? Is your soul calling for freedom?

I know it’s been hard to have trust and faith in the universe that has once killed your dreams and hopes. Or were these just lessons? The things that are meant to teach you to trust your intuition. Every time you give your power away to an external source of consciousness, you show that trust has to come from outside of yourself.

I’m here to help you fine tune your connection to your intuition for our optimal evolution and growth. To also remind you that we get to decide what we believe in, we get to decide what we see. Our Intuition is connected directly to source. As we become a co-creator. 

Sometimes you get what you want, other times you get a lesson in; patience, timing, purpose, trust, empathy, alignment, compassion, faith, meaning, resilience, humility, clarity, grief, beauty and life, either way you win. 

Can you relate?

⟡ Do you often feel anxious about the future?

⟡ Do you feel you are stuck in social media’s mass consciousness when it comes to how you should run your business, life? Knowing that this does not align with your core values?

⟡ Are you finding yourself tapping into other people’s dreams and disconnecting from your own soul’s intuition?

⟡ Are you fearful of moving yourself and your business forward?

“There is no such thing as age, only wisdom” – Tina Pavlou

You’re In The Right Place If:

You want to become aligned to Manifesting Consciousness

You want to achieve exponential growth in all pillars of your life

You want to magnify your wealth codings with the capacity to hold the frequency of great financial abundance.

You want to be tuned in, tapped in and turned on by the inner harmony of your Intuition.


Live life unapologetically

Have the freedom of financial abundance

Wake up feeling connected

Manifest an extraordinary reality

Have received divine wisdom through your intuition

See yourself living its a Master of Wealth Consciousness



Play by Play

⟡ Monthly Masterminds with Tina (value £13,332)

⟡ Monthly coaching with The Goddess Rooms Team (value £2,664)

⟡ Monthly Guest Speakers (value £2,664)

Access to Private Facebook Group for Weekly ThetaHealing Swaps (value £1,111)

ThetaHealing Basic DNA (value £555)

ThetaHealing Advanced (value £555)

ThetaHealing Dig Deeper (value £450)

ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy (value £2,222)

ThetaHealing DNA3 (value £1,500)

⟡ ThetaHealing Disease & Disorders (value £1,900)

ThetaHealing You & Your Significant Other (value £500)

ThetaHealing You & Creator (value £500)

ThetaHealing You & Your Inner Circle (value £500)

ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance (value £450)

⟡ You & Earth (value £500)

⟡ Planes of Existence (value £1600)

⟡ ThetaHealing Soul Mates (value £400)

⟡ ThetaHealing World Relations (value £1,200)

⟡ ThetaHealing Plant Seminar (value £222)

⟡ ThetaHealing Animal Seminar (value £222)

⟡ Rhythm To A Perfect Weight (value £333)



As an extra gift for joining, you’ll receive The Priestess CodesTM (worth £3,333)

(if you have already completed The Priestess Codes, you’ll be gifted The Dark Priestess (worth £3,333))

Total Value: £36,713!

Limited Time Offer

The Path to Liberation

Pillar 1. Resentments

Releasing resentments and behaviours holding you back from creation of abundance.

Pillar 2. Revenge

Preventing and blocking the manifestation attracting frequencies.

Pillar 3. Resistance

Creating drama and chaos in our lives connected to Inner Child and lack of accountability.

Pillar 4. Regrets

Programs of criticism and self judgement, preventing you from receiving the elixir of life.

Pillar 5. Rejection

Cells to Cells, our body is interconnected communicating low self worth and self harming, imposter syndrome

“I was truly broken.. but drawn to Tina’s energy, her passion, authenticity and her words & actions always come from a place of love; I trusted her from the very beginning.

I felt as through someone had gone into my head and switched on the lights, I was able to finally see and understand why certain things had happened in my life and why I had behaved the way I did in various situations. These sessions were the most powerful healing I have ever experiences.

Upon completing my courses and coaching with Tina I feel truly empowered, confident, and free. I am armed with a wealth of knowledge that I intend on taking forward to help others.”

– Tracey Reid

Limited Time Offer


The Results

Create a world where you are aligned to Divine Timing and allow all that the universe has to offer to flow directly to you with ease and grace.

Gain financial freedom and success, achieve the extraordinary and create abundance in every aspect of your life

Align and attract the energy to create the life you desire

Restore your superpower through Intuition

Be unapologetically you! Dream big and manifest the most incredible life.

Meet your Coach and Mentor, Tina Pavlou

Tina Pavlou is an International Master and a Certificate of Science of The Think Institute of ThetaHealing. She is an intuitive, spiritual teacher and sacred feminine facilitator who specialises in self mastery and empowering souls to be happy, healthy, alive and free.

She is the founder of The Goddess Rooms and four times No.1 bestselling author of When The Goddess Calls series of books. Tina works with multi-millionaires, female entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe empowering and creating miracles with her clients.

A year from now you could be living your dream…

By committing to the journey of self mastery, you’ll find your vision becomes aligned to your souls purpose. Every word that you speak will come into existence and the energy behind it is so authentic, raw and clean. With Tina’s unique guidance and wisdom, we will take you to a deeper level of spiritual security where you will develop the skills and mastering your communication to the world, reprogramming, rewiring and resetting the subconscious mind – the mother board of the computer. Transforming the algorithm in the brain to project out and magnetise back an extraordinary transformation. 

You don’t have to be intuitive now, but after working with Tina you’ll be a completely intuitive human being.



Have received the tools of self mastery


Be ready to receive divine upgrades co creating through your intuition


Be standing and speaking from your truth


Unlock wealth building secret and open up to entrepreneurial strategies


Intuitively attuned to your holistic health and wellness


Transform all your challenges into opportunities