Can you relate?

⟡ Do you often feel anxious about the future?

⟡ Do you feel you are stuck in social media’s mass consciousness when it comes to how you should run your business, life? Knowing that this does not align with your core values?

⟡ Are you finding yourself tapping into other people’s dreams and disconnecting from your own soul’s intuition?

⟡ Are you fearful of moving yourself and your business forward?

This Is For You If:

You want to become aligned to Manifesting Consciousness

You want to achieve exponential growth in all pillars of your life

You want to magnify your wealth codings with the capacity to hold the frequency of great financial abundance.

You want to be tuned in, tapped in and turned on by the inner harmony of your Intuition.

Are you ready to access your intuition frequency of abundance?


Sunday 19th – 11am, Monday 20th – 8pm
Tuesday 21st – 8pm & Wednesday 22nd – 8pm

What to expect:

⟡ Understand the power of words and thoughts

⟡ Development of your psychic senses

⟡ Fine tuning of your brainwaves

The Power of Observation & Visualisation

⟡ Develop your Theta brainwave state

⟡ Receive new programs and beliefs

Tina is a Master & Certificate of Science, rewiring and reprinting the Subconscious mind through The Quantum Field, through your intuition you will be aligned to your unique soul’s purpose.

“There is no such thing as age, only wisdom” – Tina Pavlou

Meet your Coach and Mentor, Tina Pavlou

Tina Pavlou is an International Master and a Certificate of Science of The Think Institute of ThetaHealing. She is an intuitive, spiritual teacher and sacred feminine facilitator who specialises in self mastery and empowering souls to be happy, healthy, alive and free.

She is the founder of The Goddess Rooms and four times No.1 bestselling author of When The Goddess Calls series of books. Tina works with multi-millionaires, female entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe empowering and creating miracles with her clients.