The Priestess CodesTM




If you’re looking to re-ignite your passion, pleasure & your connection to divine abundance, then you’re in the right place.

The Priestess CodesTM is an invitation to activate your innate feminine power & live the truth of who you are. Be guided home to live and lead as a modern day Priestess, honouring the lineage of divine feminine leaders and healers that came before you.

Take your power back and access deep, unshakable confidence as you connect to your embodied wisdom and personal magick.

Become magnetic to great prosperity and your ability to manifest what you most desire to create in your life. Reclaim your connection to your body, to pleasure and to your Sacred femininity.

“Before The Priestess Codes I felt a little lost with what my next step was. I spoke with Tina and I didn’t really know what The Priestess Codes was but my soul knew and instantly signed up. It was not a logical decision. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition. What unfolded next was an incredible journey which I am so blessed and grateful to have been on.

We experienced several months of teachings and downloads with Tina herself before being immersed in the most beautiful retreat which can’t be described but has to be experienced. I’ve never in my life had a sisterhood and now I know what it feels like to be held by the Goddess and other sisters through deep healing and transformation. I have decided to continue working with Tina on her 1:1 coaching because I loved the magical shifts I had and I want to continue this great work.”

– Luissa Burton

Isn’t it time you started living your life by design?

◆ Receive Support
◆ Receive Theta Healing
◆ Deeply reconnect with your body & spirit
◆ Transform neural pathways
◆ Step onto the Priestess path
◆ Connect more deeply with Mother Earth
◆ Shift your point of attraction
◆ Align with the power of the moon cycles


What’s Included?

⟡ Inspirational weekly 90 minute group calls

⟡ Access to an exclusive private Facebook group of like-minded sisters, to grow and support each other along the 3 month journey

⟡ Sacred Dance & Embodiment and womb class each month

⟡ A new moon and full moon ritual each month to harness the manifestation power of working with the lunar cycles

⟡ The training finishes with a 3 day in-person transmission and activation, choose from three locations worldwide.

⟡ 12 sacred womb rites will be shared, to access the blueprint for your Priestess Path

⟡ Pleasure activation practices including tantric breath work, breast massage, tantric self-pleasure rituals and much more…

⟡ Empowerment in the Magdalene womb rites and rituals that will completely clear and reset your creative center to enable you to truly create the life you are destined to live

⟡ Abundance activation practices to completely rewire your mindset and become magnetic to money

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Course Start?

The next portal will opened in May 2024.

How Long Is The Course?

This is a 3 month training course.

What Is A Priestess?

A Priestess steps into her power and represents her family lineage. She stands for all the women that came before her, the wives, the mothers, the servants, the cleaners, the whores and the mistresses. All that the patriarchy tried to destroy – she comes in love – she is you – for you are the Creatrix!.

Can Anyone Join The Priestess Codes?

The Priestess CodesTM is by application only. The portal is currently closed for applications however, please join the waitlist here and you’ll be notified as soon as the portal opens.

Please fill out the application form once available and one of our beautiful Goddesses will be in touch.

Should I Complete Any Other Courses Beforehand?

We do recommend that you complete our Basic Theta Healing course prior to joining The Priestess CodesTM. However, please do still apply and we will be able to discuss options with you.

Is This Available Worldwide?

Absolutely! You can join anywhere in the world! We host calls for the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere so you’ll be able to join at a time to suit you.

How Often Are The Trainings?

Your main training with Tina will be held once per week, we do have breaks throughout the 3 months. Additional trainings and workshops with special guests are also exclusively available to those who are on The Priestess CodesTM. A full course schedule will be provided once we begin.

I'm New To My Healing Journey, Can I Still Join?

The Priestess CodesTM is available to those with a variety of spiritual experience levels. Please do schedule a discovery call with us so we can discuss the best option for you.


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Your Teacher,

Tina Pavlou

My name is Tina, and I have been connecting with the angels since I was a child, I am clairvoyant – a seer into the spiritual realms, who works with the seven planes of existence and the spiritual laws to heal and help women and men step into their divine power.

After experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, I have made it my passion to help as many people as I can. It is impossible to be around me without feeling uplifted by positivity and love, as I vibrate on a frequency of Divine connection and devotion to being in service to the Goddess. My passion is just love.

As a Master ThetaHealer®, Certificate of Science, intuitive, sacred feminine facilitator and bestselling author of 4 books "When The Goddess Calls" with over 15,000 clients globally. It is my honour to be a guide and ally to you on your journey … to ignite your spirit and remind you of the exquisite beauty that is your true nature.