May you always have Magick and Mystery in your life


Introducing The Unknown Retreat…

Tina Pavlou of The Goddess Rooms and Jess Hayden-Smith of Luna Rei invite to you on an immersive, collaborative journey into embracing the unknown and releasing any energetic imprints from the year that’s passed to prepare our bodies to rest for the winter.

At the foot of the Cotswolds surrounded by 12 acres and 360 degree hillside views it’s time to prepare as we begin the descent into the stillness of winter. Cosy up in beautiful converted barn accommodation after a day of healing, magick and reconnection in the 18th Century Threshing Barn.

5th – 6th November 2022

Join us for an overnight stay as we guide you through energetic embodiment practices, movement, releasing beliefs through Theta Healing, yoga and initiate your intentions on the magick of this land in the frequency of this years magical numbers 222! Connect with yourself, with others and with the Gaia. Learn how to connect with your cyclical nature, move through the seasons and stand in your power, releasing all that has not served you throughout the year.

Gift yourself the space to allow yourself to be nurtured. Cleansing the body through seasonal, nourishing, vegan food. Feel grounded, realigned and recharged. Restore your mind, body and soul the ultimate health and wellness!

Realign, Recharge & Restore


This retreat is for you if you are craving connection. Connection with your body, your soul and like minded people. To learn how to trust the unknown and become the creatrix of your own life. It’s for those who are ready to release the heaviness they may have felt throughout the year, tap into their own innate magick and become a magnet for their desires. You will leave on the Sunday with unshakable faith, clarity and alignment.

Are you ready to embrace the magick?


The Unknown Retreat, energetic embodiment, cleansing, movement and magick

  • A full day of receiving, cleansing and movement surrounded by Mother Earth
  • The full Retreat includes food and overnight accommodation in Cotswold stone converted barns
  • Connecting with this magical land
  • Special guest facilitators and Nutritional speaker

With your hosts:

Tina Pavlou

Of The Goddess Rooms

Jess Hayden-Smith

Of Luna Rei

How much is the investment?


The Unknown Retreat for only £350! Price includes your food and overnight accommodation

For those who wish to experience the magic for a day the energy exchange is £222 this includes your food but no accommodation.

The magick is yours! Lets Play!

Join us for the day only!