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When using the ThetaHealing technique, one of the most powerful tools is the ‘digging process’. Using this tool correctly reveals the ‘bottom program’ that holds a condition in place. This then enables the Practiti oner to shift it and experience profound changes

Vianna (the founder of ThetaHealing) discovered through her practice of seeing clients, there are 8 different ways of digging.

These include:


Illness 1
Illness 2
Border Theta

In a session, a Practitioner can go in and out of these digging styles to get to the bottom belief program. Some challenges Practitioners experience are not knowing what questions to ask and not knowing how to tap into their intuition to guide the process. Being intuitively guided is where the magic happens. In this course, you will learn how to use your intuition to ask questions that get you to the bottom program.

Two digging demonstrations will be provided to teach students how simple and easy the digging process really is.

Border Theta


During this course, you will learn how to

Master the digging tool
Reduce your digging time and reach the bottom program quicker
Release resentments, fears, anger, hurt, sorrow easily and effectively
Remove blockages to your manifestations

Increase your awareness to identify and clear blockages for your clients so they can recognise the changes that have taken place

Identify the correct questions to ask throughout the digging process
Heal with joy, love and ease

Increase your confidence in muscle testing and how to use it to identify the bottom program

This course is designed to teach Practitioners how to effectively dig with ease and simplicity. In turn, you will gain confidence in your healings on yourself and your clients. You will also receive downloads of beliefs and feelings that will open up your intuition and increase your ability to use the digging technique with certainty.

Dig Deeper is now a Core course and a pre-requisite for Intuitive Anatomy and other courses. If you are planning to do Intuitive Anatomy, this course is a must.

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