You & The Creator

Border Theta

Are you ready to truly identify the Creator’s Messages and tell the difference between a message from the 6th, 5th or 4th plane and your own Ego?

Are you ready to do the deepest belief work on yourself that will cut your digging time down by at least half?
Are you finally ready to train your brain to move into your future and stop the cycle of getting stuck on repeat?
Border Theta

YOU AND THE CREATOR THETAHEALING® Course. This course is a deep dive into truly discerning Creator’s messages, how to move forward into your future and to understand your own psychology as well as how the subconsci ous is working and why you are manifesting what you are manifesting.

We will explore your:

Survival Self / Higher Self / Ego / Undercurrent

This gives you a concrete guide to understanding the origin of your patterns carried by your Survival Self, how your Undercurrent is trying to fix any problems it has encountered, your instinct to protect your Ego and how to live more fully from your Higher Self that is connected to the Soul.

Through this course, you will be able to discern the different aspects of yourself and the higher truth and learn to effortless work with them.

The BIGGEST benefit of learning this new style of belief work is that it will cut your digging time in half, help you get straight to the origin of your belief systems, and teach you how to truly change your patterns and manifestations.

We will also explore where you are getting your intuitive answers from.

Finally, there is a class that will help you know if you are getting a :

7th plane answer / 6th plane answer / 5th plane answer / 4th plane answer / Answer from your ego

Border Theta

Another amazing aspect of this course is training your brain to move forward into your future. Look at your life or those of your clients in the last 5-20 years. What has changed? If life is stuck on repeat we simply need to train the brain to move into the future (we have a simple yet powerful exercise for that) and work through 4 keys that will help move you out of this cycle.

What is included in the class :

Master the digging tool

The Super Computer Brain
The Conscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind
The Undercurrent

Understanding Messages from the Creator and the different planes

Moving forward into your future
A new style of belief work
Border Theta


Theta Healing Basic DNA TM / Advanced DNA / Dig Deeper

So if you are ready to get clearer answers from the Creator, do deep Belief Work in half the time and move forward into your future, then join us for the You and the Creator Course.