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9th – 27th May 2024

Intuitive Anatomy is a course designed to teach students how to become Medical In tuitives using ThetaHealing.

A Medical Intuitive is someone who can intuitively see inside the body and discover the cause of an emotional, mental and physical blocks. Some of these blocks can be reflected in relationships, work and health.


Today, many people have felt a loss of power, hope and faith whilst searching for answers to resolve these blocks. The purpose of this course is to restore a persons power, connect them instantly to truth and make empowered changes.

Every person on this planet has the ability to intuitively see inside the body. Especially people who have a desire to help others. During this course, students will learn six types of body scans to open up and expand their intuitive sense to know more, see more, feel more and hear more. Through this sense being practiced, a persons clarity, confidence and power will be restored.

In ThetaHealing, students learn how to be an accurate reader and an outstanding co-healer. These two skills are practiced consistently over 3 weeks in a safe, supportive environment giving students the opportunity to practice their gifts while being a magnificent Reader & ThetaHealer.


Course Outline

Spend three weeks going through each system in the body to recognise disease-causing emotions and the Belief Systems that are created by them.

⟡ Release deeply held belief systems on all 4 belief levels (core, genetic, history and soul).

⟡ Be trained to not only effectively scan the body, but also how to work on yourself and others using ThetaHealing®.

⟡ Gain powerful and deeper self awareness and awareness of others

Reveal a profound understanding of yourself and others.

⟡ Easily change limiting beliefs faster than ever before.

⟡ Develop a stronger connection to Creator to reach your highest intuitive potential.

⟡ Expand your empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and prophetic senses.

⟡ Receive a ThetaHealing Practitioner Certificate (one of the leading Modalities in Wellness and Spirituality)

PLUS: you will watch live ThetaHealing demonstrations to increase your knowledge in practicing transformational ThetaHealing sessions on yourself and others.

Course Outline

Day 1: Atoms, Microbes & Toxic Influences in the Body

Day 2: Skeletal System

Day 3: Endocrine System

Day 4: Digestive System

Day 5: Respiratory System

Day 6: Respiratory System

Day 7: Digestive System

Day 8: Excretory & Sexual System

Day 9: Muscles

Day 10: Nervous System

Day 11: Nervous System

Day 12: Muscles

Day 13: Excretory & Sexual System

Day 14: Digestive System

Day 15: Respiratory System

Course Dates & Times

9th – 27th May 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The Course Start?

The next course will begin May 9th 2024

Are There Any prerequisites?

Theta Healing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA & Dig Deeper

Is This Course Open To Men & Women?

Yes, absolutely!

I Need Some Advice, How Do I Contact You?

Click the link below to book a FREE discovery call with one of our gorgeous Goddesses who will be happy to assist you.

How Much Is It To Join The Course?

This course requires an investment of £2,222.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss: support@thegoddessrooms.com or book a FREE call here


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Your Teacher,

Tina Pavlou

My name is Tina, and I have been connecting with the angels since I was a child, I am clairvoyant – a seer into the spiritual realms, who works with the seven planes of existence and the spiritual laws to heal and help women and men step into their divine power.

After experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, I have made it my passion to help as many people as I can. It is impossible to be around me without feeling uplifted by positivity and love, as I vibrate on a frequency of Divine connection and devotion to being in service to the Goddess. My passion is just love.

As a Master ThetaHealer®, Certificate of Science, intuitive, sacred feminine facilitator and bestselling author of 4 books "When The Goddess Calls" with over 15,000 clients globally. It is my honour to be a guide and ally to you on your journey … to ignite your spirit and remind you of the exquisite beauty that is your true nature.