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19th – 20th April 2024

Learn to understand the difference of the Creators voice verses your ego. What is truth verses fear.

In this life time, we are supposed to achieve levels of love; love of our self, love of course of the Creator, love of a significant other, what it is like to really love your family, love your friends, and love the world. We need to be able to master these, but how can we master these if our programs already carried by us say that it is impossible?

In this course we show and teach our students to understand the undercurrent of their own subconscious mind. How their body actually works at solving problems and how they actually know the difference between communicating with energy of the Creator and communicating with their ego or with their higher self.

Remember the Creator is an energy of perfect and pure love. It is a knowing love. And it will change your life. This energy, this life force, is in every atom, and in every atoms, atoms are a part of you and part of everything around you. We will learn the difference in discerning and you will learn how to work and re-guide your subconscious to work for you.

This is an important seminar because every time I teach a seminar someone always says how do I know if the answer is from the Creator?

ThetaHealing is a world-renowned meditation technique and spiritual philosophy founded by Vianna Stibal. The ThetaHealing technique helps you improve your mind, body, and spirit by connecting with the Creator Of All That Is.

Discover your best life through the pure essence of love.



What to expect

This course gives you a concrete guide to understanding the origin of your patterns carried by your Survival Self, how your Undercurrent is trying to fix any problems it has encountered, your instinct to protect your Ego and how to live more fully from your Higher Self that is connected to the Soul.

⟡ Through this course, you will be able to discern the different aspects of yourself and the higher truth and learn to effortless work with them.

The BIGGEST benefit of learning this new style of belief work is that it will cut your digging time in half, help you get straight to the origin of your belief systems, and teach you how to truly change your patterns and manifestations.

⟡ We will also explore where you are getting your intuitive answers from.

⟡ We’ll explore your: survival self, higher self, ego & undercurrent

⟡ 10 hours training with Tina Pavlou

Course Outline

⬥ Master the digging tool.

⬥ Rewire the super computer brain.

⬥ Explore the conscious mind.

⬥ Influence with subconscious mind.

⬥ Learn about the undercurrent.

⬥ Understanding messages from the Creator and the different planes.

⬥ Move forwards into a new aligned future.

⬥ Develop a new style of belief work.

Course Dates & Times

Day One: 19th April 2024 – 5pm – 10pm (UK)
Day Two: 20th April 2024 – 8am – 1pm (UK)

*You must attend both days to complete the course

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the classes?

The classes run for 5 hours per day. You will be given a 30 minute break.

What if I can't make one of the classes?

You need to complete both in order to certify.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you’ll need to have complete our ThetaHealing Basic DNA, ThetaHealing Advanced & Dig Deeper courses prior to this one.

Is this course open to men & women?

Yes, absolutely!

I need some advice, how do I contact you?

Click the link below to book a FREE discovery call with one of our gorgeous Goddesses who will be happy to assist you.

How much is it to join the course?

This course requires an investment of £400.


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Your Teacher,

Tina Pavlou

My name is Tina, and I have been connecting with the angels since I was a child, I am clairvoyant – a seer into the spiritual realms, who works with the seven planes of existence and the spiritual laws to heal and help women and men step into their divine power.

After experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, I have made it my passion to help as many people as I can. It is impossible to be around me without feeling uplifted by positivity and love, as I vibrate on a frequency of Divine connection and devotion to being in service to the Goddess. My passion is just love.

As a Master ThetaHealer®, Certificate of Science, intuitive, sacred feminine facilitator and bestselling author of 4 books "When The Goddess Calls" with over 15,000 clients globally. It is my honour to be a guide and ally to you on your journey … to ignite your spirit and remind you of the exquisite beauty that is your true nature.